Ibanez XPT707FX Xiphos 7-String

You get the point

Lately, it seems as though everybody wants to be just like Muhammed Suicmez of the band Necrophagist. Ibanez has now made it a little easier.

Responding to the demands of extreme metal players across the globe, Ibanez burrowed down inside the bowels of the beast and designed this radically shaped, 7-string driller-killer, the XPT707FX. But you can just call it the Xiphos for short.

The Xiphos 7-string features a 5pc Wizard II thru-neck and DiMarzio D Activator 7-string pickups, which offer the characteristic sound of active pickups favored by metalheads, but without the active circuitry. Features include mahogany body and neck (it's neck-thru with reverse headstock), 24 jumbo frets, a rosewood fingerboard with sharkstooth inlays. Unlike the original 6-string Xiphos, the 7-string model features a fixed bridge instead of a double-locking tremolo system. The radically shaped axe is finished in Grey Chameleon, a color which changes hue at different angles. Now, that is cool!

The list price $1066.65 US. And if you want a case, it'll cost you an extra $169.99 US.