Chris Cornell 'Screams' on forthcoming album

New sound, courtesy of producer Timbaland

Chris Cornell
Screaming for change

In groups such as Soundgarden and Audioslave, Chris Cornell became famous for his gut-wrenching scream. And that's just what his forthcoming album is called - Scream. But listeners may be surprised at how positively mellow the singer sounds on the new disc.

Several song excerpts that have recently surfaced online indicate a drastic change of style for the vocalist. Cornell recorded Scream with famed urban pop producer Timbaland, and the singer is enthused at the results.

"Tim lent a lot to what I describe as sort of the psychedelic aspect of this album," says Cornell," kind of a Pink Floyd or Dark Side Of The Moon or almost like a Queen Night At The Opera-type of feel to me. That's something I never would have predicted. You know, I would have felt like I would be the one that would try to go into the album-oriented rock world, and really it was Tim's influence on this album that pushed it more in that direction."

Want a little preview? Check out the song Long Gone here. Rusty Cage it isn't.