Alex Lifeson says Rush won't make 'concept' album

Band set to record in the fall

Alex Lifeson says Rush won t make concept album

Alex Lifeson told MusicRadar that the band has no plans to make a 'concept' album, even though producer Nick Raskulinecz, who helmed the group's last studio effort, Snakes & Arrows, is urging them to do so.

"It's a very funny thing," Lifeson says. "We're in this mode of not working now, kind of enjoying being bums. And Nick is calling us with all of these heavy conceptual ideas. I think he thinks we have to make our grand statement - like it's now or never."

According to Lifeson, Rush haven't discussed concrete plans for recording their next album, but "we're thinking fall. After the summer I think we'll be ready to work again."

Double CD possible

"Lots of bands have made double albums that aren't 'concept' records. Length is so subjective" Alex Lifeson

That chat may or may not include a double CD - "something we're not opposed to at all," says Lifeson - but that doesn't automatically mean the dreaded 'C' word need apply.

"Lots of bands have made double albums that aren't 'concept' records," says Lifeson. "The Beatles made 'The White Album' - that isn't a concept album. Neither is [Led Zeppelin's] 'Physical Graffiti.' Length is so subjective."

Lifeson chuckles at Raskulinecz's unbridled enthusiasm ("He's the ultimate crazy-fan!"), but he says when the band sits down with him to discuss the next album - assuming he's the one - they'll make it clear that they're only interested in making a great record - single, double or otherwise.

"That's the only concept we're after: 'Is it good?' If there's a storyline attached, well, I don't know...I'm not thinking along those lines. Didn't we do that already? Rush aren't into repeating themselves."