Zildjian Project 391 - Sound Lab Limited Edition cymbals

Premium cymbals with explosive tones

YouTube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQZ7si-zA4g

DRUM EXPO 2014: Zildjian is pleased to introduce a limited edition cymbal concept from the Zildjian Sound Lab: Project 391. Designed for drummers looking for bright, explosive and cutting sound in a premium cymbal, Project 391 cymbals will be offered in 2014 for a limited time only.

Project 391 is Zildjian's first publicly available product crafted from B15 alloy, known for its consistency and cutting sound. A two-step lathing process imparts a unique surface finish that is both visually and sonically pleasing.

From the Zildijan Sound Lab to your drum kit - Project 391.

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