Vote for the World's greatest ever Metal drummer!

Drummer's World Cup - First round: Metal and Prog Metal

The first round is over, now it's on to round two. Metal and Prog metal drummers.

Your votes can help the world's greatest ever Metal or Prog Metal drummers to make it through to the knockout stages of Rhythm's Drummer's World Cup.

The first round will comprise six categories, each with 20 drummers battling it out to progress in the competition. Next round will be Jazz, BeBop and Big Band, followed by Modern Rock, Punk, NuWave and Indie; Reggae, Ska and Funk; and then Pop, Session and Gospel.

Simply vote for your favourite drummer in each round, and the top two in each group will progress to the next round (last 16), along with the next four drummers with the highest number of votes in any category.

After that it's knockout rounds! Get voting!

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