Tool drummer sidelined by sea urchin attack

Sea urchins can be such tools

This past February, while vacationing in Hawaii, Tool drummer Danny Carey was attacked by a sea creature while swimming in the ocean. The result was two surgeries, the cancellation of Tool dates, and a nasty-looking scar.

A blog on the band's website gives this account: "It seems that Danny tangled with an unruly marine hazard, venomous and... dangerous... while vacationing in Hawaii (BACK IN FEBRUARY!). This aquatic critter was most likely a sea urchin or a scorpion fish... or something far more nefarious having nothing to do with the puncture nor venomous pincers of a marine hazard... but... at least, along with the throbbing pain and infection, there was a PURPLISH (Lakers fans!!!) discoloration... Still, it doesn't look like that unannounced Tool show in Lebanon Kansas for the solstice is going to happen... not to mention Danny performing with VOLTO! on Friday... Let's just hope... maybe even... pray... that after two surgeries... the finger (still numb)... finally heals. I know that he has my prayers... "

But a more recent blog offers encouraging news: "For those who have sent messages about Danny, the hand is healing well as he attends the NBA finals … Now let's just hope that he isn't hit with too much debris from fans of the Celtics during tomorrow's game."