Steve Gadd v Keith Moon: who's the best?

Drummer's World Cup last 16: vote now!

Second round, match two:

Steve Gadd v Keith Moon.

Steve Gadd

Steve Gadd introduced a super-precision into recording, almost as if preparing drummers for the arrival of the drum machine. Yet despite his clarity of execution, he is also the most passionate and deeply groove-oriented drummers, as evidenced on such tracks as Paul Simon's '50 Ways To Leave Your Lover' and in his playing with Steely Dan.

Keith Moon

Keith Moon's outrageous behaviour often overshadows his musical reputation, but his eccentric and sometimes shocking behaviour massively informed his playing style with The Who. Keith approached the drums as a tool for conversation, for confrontation, for drama, humour and outrage, and this is the key to his style. Moonie was not afraid to lead, to jump in and make robust statements whenever he could. Check out The Who's Live At Leeds for proof of Moonie's genuine brilliance.

Totally different drummers, and we're not saying one's better than the other. What we're asking is: which one is the greatest in your opinion?

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