Gibraltar Stealth Vertical Mounting System

Show off those drums

You've got a nice set...of drums. So why not show it off? With Gibraltar's new Stealth VMS (Vertical Mounting System), you can.

Like your mom always told you, there's never an excuse for sloppiness -- in any situation. Gilbratar's Stealth VMS let's you showcase your drum set and gets rid of the cluttered appearance of bulky tripods and rack bars spanning across the bass drum.

The Gibraltar Stealth VMS creates a low profile vertical mounting plain for mounted toms and snare drum that creates a rock solid foundation for any style set up. This innovative mounting system supports virtually any kit configuration and utilizes existing tom and snare mounting hardware no matter what brand or size kit you play. Best of all, VMS means you have less to break down and carry after the gig -- which means more time to hang with your adoring fans. Your mom would be proud.

Gibraltar Stealth Vertical Mounting System (GSVMS) retail price U.S.: $240.00. With single tom mount and UA snare basket: $350.00.


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