Wurzels Pull Out of Glastonbury

Instead of playing what would have been a home-town gig in front of a festival crowd, the legendary zoider quaffers have pulled out of an appearance at Glastonbury on Sunday 24th June amid reports that they’re unhappy with the stage upon which they were due to play.

Booked to headline and, in effect, close the show on the Babylon Bandstand stage – and, in the process going head-to-head with The Who over on the Pyramid Stage – the band were distinctly unimpressed with rules stating that they couldn’t use their own sound engineer…

"We would have loved to play but we don't feel it's right," oo-arrh’ed band member Tommy Banner around a flagon of scrumpy so rough it had corn-plasters in it. "Other novelty acts like Rolf Harris have been on better stages and we think we deserve it."

One of Glasto’s organisers Emily Eavis commented: "Unfortunately at this late stage every other stage is choc-a-bloc and it's a shame as they're a bit of an institution round here but we'll have to get them back next year.".


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