New Ibanez Vai Signatures

The World’s Greatest Living Guitarist™ Steve Vai has been busy of late. Not only has he been working on an intriguing ‘orchestra project’ he’s also been setting a task or two for his homeboys at Ibanez Hoshino.

As reported in Guitarist, production on the new 1990 reissue of the Ibanez Universe has begun, and he’s also launched the JEM Floral Pattern 2, which has just been unveiled at Frankfurt 2010.

The new Ibanez JEM Floral Pattern 2

The original JEM77FP. Wonder if Mrs Vai still misses her curtains...

Details are sketchy for those of us stuck in Blighty, but if it’s anything like the original Floral JEMs, it’ll be a doozy of a guitar.

The Universe UV77RE 1990. Yum...

In the meantime here’s a great video, hosted by Mr Vai, outlining the best bits of the Universe UV77RE 1990

And what does a Universe sound like? Here's Vai 'doing the do' at Donington in 1990 with Da Snake...

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