Maiden Heaven

In a statement on Iron, the band have announced that this summer’s European dates will be dubbed A Matter Of The Beast Summer Tour. Why? Because it’s 25th years since the release of the seminal Number Of The Beast album, and the band have committed to playing five songs from that very iconic release…

“It’s always a lot of fun for us to play outdoors in the summer.” Says singer Bruce Dickinson. “It tends to be a different vibe to playing indoors, much more of a party atmosphere so it’s good to put together a set list that matches this. There has been a lot of interest in the 25th anniversary of the release of Number Of The Beast so we thought it would be great to give the fans a bit of extra Beast this summer to acknowledge this.”

Odds are 10/1 against Gangland but 11/8 on for 22 Acacia Avenue…

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