Play acoustic like Martin Taylor

With commercial success in Europe, North America and Asia, jazz maestro Martin Taylor is widely considered one of the finest guitarists of modern times.

Mentored by Ike Isaacs, his early performances at London's jazz clubs led to collaborations with such greats as Stephane Grapelli (in whose band he played for some years), Chet Atkins and Steve Howe. He was awarded an MBE for services to music in 2002.

This study piece is a reflective tune that combines melody and chords in Taylor-esque style. Some chords may be new, so take time to familiarise yourself with the shapes first. Oh, and keep it laid back.


Martin plays a Vanden Martin Taylor Artistry. For the recording, we played a Tacoma C1C Chief. We blended the signal of a DI'd Award-Session AP-10 preamp, with a close-mic'd AKG C1000S condenser microphone.

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Audio - Tutorial track