Play acoustic like Damien Rice

Born in County Kildare, Ireland, in 1973, Damien Rice began his musical life in a band called Juniper.

Upon leaving this outfit (who still exist under the name Bell XI), Rice moved to Italy, and spent time busking the streets around Europe. Returning to Ireland, he sent his demo to producer David Arnold, renowned for work with artists such as Bjork, who invested time and money into Rice's music.

His songwriting is honest, and his guitar-playing sensitive, blending gentle strumming with subtle hammer-ons and pull-offs to create catchy acoustic riffs. This piece is inspired by beautiful songs such as Cannonball and I Remember. You will need to put a capo at the fourth fret, to get that bell-like tone.


Rice plays a well-travelled early Lowden S10. We recorded the CD track using a Tacoma PM-28 Parlour, close-mic'd with an AKG C1000S.

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Audio - Tutorial track