World's First Robot Guitar

World renowned axe makers Gibson have created the world's first guitar with robotic technology, the Les Paul Robot! Released on 7th December (in time for Christmas!) it will sting you £1,400 BUT could eliminate tuning problems forever... as it automatically tunes to standard A440 tuning. It also allows players to access six commonly used altered tuning presets at the push of a button. The Robot allows the guitar to be intonated in seconds after string changes, truss rod adjustments or changes in weather conditions. Finally, with the locking tuner, single string changes or changing the entire set of strings are an automated breeze. The system consists of five high technology components which are extremely light and do not change the instrument in any way. A control knob (which also serves at the volume knob) enables the tuning with a simple push or pull. Each tuner is equipped with specialized servo motors. As the motorized tuners adjust the pitch of the strings they are monitored by means of a Tune-Control Bridge. For a list of exclusive Robot Guitar dealers go to