Win A Copy Of Joel McIver's New Book 'The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists'

Here's your chance to win one of 5 copies of TG contributor Joel McIver's controversial new book The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists, which is published in January.

According to Joel: "It´s about time that someone stood up and drew a line between heavy metal and hard rock and celebrated the enormous power and skill of metal axemen! 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists - cover large.jpg

"Usually these ‘list´ books are a waste of space - this one is the first of its kind that has been written by a guitarist for guitarists, not by some clueless git who doesn´t know the difference between Metallica and Metal Church!"

Joel's choices are bound to cause a stir amongst the metal fraternity, especially when they find out who has made it to the top of his list...

"I chose the guy who combines the most advanced command of technical playing and the most pioneering approach. The No. 1 guy has done it all, across a career that beggars belief!"

Joel has given us 5 signed copies to give away - so to find out who the most ripping metal axe-slingers of all time head HERE to enter!