Watch Paramore's 'Ignorance' - Video Online Now!

US emo types Paramore are streaming their new single 'Ignorance' online now and you can watch it below!

The band return with their hugely anticipated third album, ‘brand new eyes´ on 28 September, with 'Ignorance' out on 14 September.

Produced by Grammy Award-winner Rob Cavallo (Green Day, Kid Rock, My Chemical Romance) and co-produced by the band, ‘brand new eyes´ is the long-awaited follow-up to 2007´s UK gold certified ‘RIOT!´, which has now sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

“We really tried to venture out and experiment with our sound to see how far we could push ourselves this time around,” Josh (lead guitar) explains. “‘Misguided Ghosts´ is just finger-picking and that´s not really Paramore´s sound but for some reason it works.”


1. Careful

2. Ignorance

3. Playing God

4. Brick By Boring Brick

5. Turn It Off

6. The Only Exception

7. Feeling Sorry

8. Looking Up

9. Where The Lines Overlap

10. Misguided Ghosts

11. All I Wanted

12 Decode (Twilight Soundtrack version, not on the US version)

Paramore are set to annouce a full UK tour soon - full details for this will be announced shortly.