Vox Lil' Night Train amp audio demo

Vox lil' night train amp audio demo

Vox lil' night train amp audio demo

Inside TG210, Ed Mitchell casts his finely tuned lugholes over the Vox Lil' Night Train Set to bring you the exclusive first review in Europe.

This chrome-clad beauty is a smaller version of Vox's Night Train head, and it's just landing in stores in time for Christmas.

At two watts, the Lil' Night Train is clearly a valve amp aimed at home/studio use, and for a limited period it's available as a bundle with the Vox V110 1x10-inch speaker cab. The following audio demos were provided by Vox.

The first is an overdrive sound played using the Lil' Night Train's Bright mode and V110 cabinet.

This is followed by a semi-clean sound (also in Bright mode) using a cabinet loaded with Celestion Greenback speakers.

Finally, the third example demonstrates an overdriven sound using the head's Thick mode, played through a Celestion Greenback speaker cab.

Check out the full review in Total Guitar 210 (on sale 24 December - 20 January) to find out what reviewer Ed Mitchell thinks of this shiny demon.

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