Video: Zakk Wylde in yellow 'Kill Bill' jumpsuit – a must see!

We're not entirely sure how we missed this last week, but the new video for Black Label Society single 'Overlord' (above) is brilliant.

'Why?' We hear you ask. Well, because Zakk Wylde in an entirely unflattering yellow jumpsuit (à la Bruce Lee in 'The Game Of Death') breaking bottles over old ladies' heads pretty much cannot fail to be entertaining.

TG is slightly disappointed that Zakk doesn't whip out a Gibson mid-fight for the solo, but we'll forgive him as we particularly enjoy the moment in which he dispatches the pug dog of death.

If none of this makes sense to you it's because you haven't watched the video yet. Do it now. Seriously, why are you even still reading this?

Zakk wylde 'overlord' video

Zakk wylde 'overlord' video
Matthew Parker

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