Video: Dave Mustaine demos his signature Zoom pedal

Check out these videos of Megadeth's Dave Mustaine running through his new signature Zoom multi-effects pedal, the G2.1DM.

The new pedal was first announced at this year's winter NAMM expo. During the press conference Mustaine told press:

"This pedal is built for action. With my personal sound effects and a large expression pedal modelled after the accelerator of one of my favourite sports cars onboard, the G2.1DM leaves all contenders at the starting line."

In terms of looks and interface the signature pedal is based on Zoom's G2.1Nu, one of the company's most popular multi-effects pedals. The key differences are the custom graphics, the aforementioned express pedal and Mustaine's chosen presets.

If you're a Megadeth fan, check out our Dave Mustaine interview in which the frontman talks about writing the 'Hangar 16' riff. For more information on the Zoom G2.1DM pedal head to the Zoom website.

Matthew Parker

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