Video: Birds Playing Guitar! Finch (The Band) Will Be Suing…

Check out this video of some finches getting their shred on

as part of the Barbican's forthcoming installation from French conceptual

artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot.

Basically, he put a guitar in a room with some birds and
connected it to an amp outside the room, then recorded the results. This, we're reliably informed, makes art. It's a strangely compelling watch though, TG
particularly enjoyed the part (about a minute in) when one of the birds gets a stick
involved and starts pulling of some Jimmy Page-esque bow madness.

In celebration of this event, TG has compiled this, slightly
rubbish, list of bird-related guitar-band puns: Cluck Berry, Justin Hawk-ins, Jimi Hen-chicks!

Think you can do better? Comment…

Matthew Parker

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