Vai Goes Orchestral On New DVD

Legendary widdler Steve Vai has followed in Metallica's footsteps by performing a live set with a full orchestra!

'Steve Vai: Sound Theories - Live With The Holland Metropole Orchestra' is in stores now on DVD featuring two hours of live concert footage filmed in Holland in July 2005.

The DVD is the companion to the 2-CD album 'Sound Theories' released last year. Vai was commissioned to compose an hour of music for the orchestra but ended up putting together over two.

“I wanted to be a composer ever since I was a young boy," he says. "Though the guitar fell into my lap and my fingers were glued to the instrument, I studied composition and musical notation long before I even started playing the guitar."

"The prospect of getting your music performed by an orchestra when you´re only considered to be an over-the-top electric rock guitar shredder seemed virtually impossible! To be able to hear your music performed is the greatest gift a composer could hope for. This was a dream project for me.”

Metallica performed a full live set with the 100-piece San Francisco Symphony Orchestra in 1999.

Steve Vai's new DVD features the following tracklisting:

1. Kill the Guy with the Ball

2. The God Eaters

3. The Murder Prologue

4. The Murder

5. Answers

6. Lotus Feet

7. I´m Becoming

8. Salamanders in the Sun

9. The Attitude Song

10. Gentle Ways

11. Liberty

12. For the Love of God

13. Shadows and Sparks

14. Frangelica Pt. I & II