Top New Products At LIMS: Part Two

Some of the hottest new amps, guitars and effects pedals will be on show at this year's London International Music Show…

In fact, more than 80 new products will be launched, so here's part two of our Top 10 Coolest New Products that you need to check out…

1. Musicman Sterling

The Sterling series sees Musicman offering its guitars and basses at an affordable price point. The AX, Silo and John Petrucci six string electric models are based on Musicman's popular body shapes, with features to match, while the SB and Ray series are replicas of the company's famous bass guitars.

2. Tascam DP-004

Tascam pioneered the portable studio market over two decades ago with the cassette based Portastudio, and it has returned with this pocket sized digital four track. Ideal for those who don't want to use a computer to make music, the DP004 will allow you to get your ideas down, complete with a built in microphone.

3. Vigier GV Series

Vigier will be launching the GV series electrics in the UK at this years LIMS show. The single cut models will be available with different pickup configurations, as well as the GV Wood range, which utilises the companies 10/90 wood/carbon fibre hybrid technology.

4. PRS Acoustics

UK distributor Headline Music will take the opportunity to launch the new PRS Tonare Grand and Angelus acoustic guitars in these shores. As you'd expect, the guitars make use of the finest tonewoods and craftsmanship, as well as PRS's own pickup and preamp system.

5. Black Knight Guitars

We're intrigued by these. Gear 4 Music will have a new range of affordable Black Knight guitars on display. Ranging from semi-acoustics to pointy metal axes, each guitar sets out offer an entry level solution that appears to have pretty much every base covered. knight.jpg knight.jpg