Tom Morrello Set To Appear On New Cypress Hill Album

Rap legends Cypress Hill have got a new album, ‘Rise Up´, in the works and they´ve nabbed a bevy of great guest stars, including Tom Morello and Daron Malakian (System Of A Down).

Morello actually appears a couple of times on the Californian rappers new full-length, first on title track ‘Rise Up´ and then on the album´s penultimate song, ‘Shut ‘Em Down´.

Morello said, "It was great to work with my longtime friends and comrades Cypress Hill on these two monster rock tracks. Cypress are back with a vengeance!"

In addition, another great guitarist, Daron Malakian (of metal innovators System Of A Down), crops up on album track ‘Trouble Seeker´, which he also produced.

Check out the tune below, an official video is in the works. ‘Rise Up´ is due 20 April.

Cypress Hill Featuring Tom Morello 'Rise Up'

Matthew Parker

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