TG208: Four Iron Maiden covers to collect!

Issue 208 of Total Guitar is available nationwide now and it's another busy issue, available with four collectable Iron Maiden covers (Dave Murray, Janick Gers, Adrian Smith and all three).

In the mag

Find out the real stories behind their biggest hits in detailed interviews with Dave Murray, Janick Gers and Adrian Smith.

Attack! Attack!
On ditching the 'pop punk' tag and setting their sights firmly on rock.

Hank Marvin: The Guitar Man
50 years on, Hank revisits 'The Shadows', the album that made him the guitar legend he is today. Be sure to check out our online track-by-track guide with the man himself.

Stone Sour
Jim Root and Josh Rand explain the dynamics of their partnership on new album 'Audio Secrecy'.

Paul Gilbert: Beyond Shred
Paul Gilbert explains how his mind-bending new album, 'Fuzz Universe', goes beyond shred to put melody first.

Flamenco Guitar (Part One)
Indulge your fiery side with complex structures, fast scale runs and exotic-sounding chords.

Band Of Horses
The alt-country group talk the vintage gear, magic amps and the crazy tunings behind their sound.

On the site

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Enter our competition to win a DBZ Barchetta Absinthe guitar and pay homage to the drink that allegedly lost Van Gogh an ear!

10 things guitarists should know about the new Iron Maiden album
What part of that title do you not understand?

Hank Marvin: 'The Shadows' album track-by-track
Hank sits down with TG to talks us through The Shadows pioneering self-titled debut album.

TG208 Audio: Agile Partners Ampkit+ / Peavey Ampkit link
Hear Peavey's new iPhone modelling app put through its paces by TG's reviews editor Stuart Williams.

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