TG208 Audio: Agile Partners Ampkit +/Peavey Ampkit link

Agile partners ampkit +/peavey ampkit link

Agile partners ampkit +/peavey ampkit link

Hear Peavey's new iPhone amp modelling app put through its paces by TG's reviews editor Stuart Williams and check out the full review in Total Guitar issue 208 (on sale now).

Peavey is the latest guitar brand to join the likes of PRS, AmpliTube and Gibson in developing iPhone applications for six-stringers. Unlike some of its rivals though, Peavey has teamed up with a dedicated music software developer Agile Partners.

The first clip uses the Colonel 900 (a JCM 900 clone) amp model on the drive channel with a Peavey ValveKing cab and the Work Horse 57 mic model (SM57). Stu then used the on-board noise-gate, into the Octopus Octave Pedal model. Hear it below.

The second example also uses the Colonel 900 amp model, but this time into a Colonel 1x12 cab emulation. Once again it was fed through a noise-gate and then into the Elevenizer distortion pedal model (a Tubescreamer clone). Hear it below.

Listen to Stuart's recordings below and read the review in Total Guitar issue 208 (on sale 29 October - 25 November).

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