TG199 On-Sale Now! Interviews With Lostprophets & John Mayer, PLUS The New Hendrix Album Reviewed…

Hello dear readers! Total Guitar issue 199 hit news-stands

around the country today and it´s crammed full of guitar-related awesomeness. Here are a few choice cuts from this month's mag...

A five-page feature with ALL of the guitarists from Lostprophets

and a full tab of ‘It´s Not The End Of The World´, an interview in which John Mayer

claims to have invented A minor (“Sure you did John, sure you did”) and a review

of the brilliant new Jim Hendrix album, ‘Valleys Of Neptune´.

Other features include tips on writing twin-guitar indie
tunes (‘Twindie!´), the most exciting gear releases of the next year in our Hot
10 For 2010, Professor TG´s (yes, he exists) Guide to Mad Guitar Sounds and
reviews of Guitar Rig 4, Vox´s new lunchbox amp the Vox Night Train and the Epiphone
´66 Wilshire, among many others.

Finally TG199 includes the last instalment of our three-part
video tutorial on Led Zeppelin´s guitar-shop classic ‘Stairway To Heaven´ (no
longer denied!*), the Top 5 Alice In Chain´s riffs, a full tab of Megadeth´s ‘Symphony
Of Destruction´, video lessons from Joe Bonamassa, Zakk Wylde and Tommy
Emmanuel AND the chance to learn riffs, style and/or songs from Vampire
Weekend, The Enemy, Queen and Noel Gallagher. And that barely scratches the surface.

Frankly, it´s kind of ludicrous that we manage to turn this
around every month…


your copy of TG199 (March 2010) here

World joke for you there

Matthew Parker

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