Spinal Tap, Van Halen Prepare For The Studio...

Spoof rockers Spinal Tap and 80s rock icons Van Halen are both heading to the studio this year to record new material.

VH guitarist Eddie Van Halen has a busy year ahead with his impending wedding and son (also band bassist) Wolfgang's graduation to attend, but once that's done he reckons the band, including original frontman David Lee Roth, will record a new album.

"Dave, Wolfie, Alex (VH, drums) and I are a band," he told Spinner.com. "I hope that...we sit down and discuss recording new music, which I have tons of. If Dave's up for singing ... then do another tour, and just see where it takes us."

And details are sketchy, but Spinal Tap, the band made famous by 1984 mockumentary 'This Is Spinal Tap,' aim to record tracks including 'Warmer Than Hell,' which they performed at Wembley during Live Earth 2007.

"It'll be for download as well as on conventional media later this year," bassist Derek Smalls (aka actor Harry Shearer) told the BBC.

He continued, "I think they are trying to revisit their old success. Not that they were ever popular, maybe in their own universe. We'll do a song called 'Gimme Some More Money', probably with some dubious results."