Slayer To Debut New Songs At Unholy Alliance III

Guitarist Jeff Hanneman has revealed exclusively to TG that there are new Slayer songs on the way for the upcoming Unholy Alliance III tour!

Talking to TG's Joel McIver, the thrash legend also revealed the band's intent to play some older, rarer Slayer tracks...

Joel: Got any surprises for us in the setlist?

Jeff: We're thinking of digging out some songs that we haven't played in a long while, like 213, and we've also got three new songs almost ready. I want to get at least one of them into the set on the Unholy Alliance, maybe two. One is really, really fast - almost like punk speed!

Joel: Is it Slayer's fastest song ever?

Jeff: Well, it may not be quite as fast as Necrophobic, but it's still insanely fast. When we first rehearsed it, it was a little bit slower, and Dave [Lombardo, drummer] said, 'Why don't we play it really, really fast?' So we did, and he said, 'Hmm, I dunno if it sounds good that fast' and we all said 'What the fuck's wrong with you?!' Of the other two new songs, one is creepy and the other has a really cool, kind of driving riff to it."

Slayer will be playing with Trivium, Mastodon and Amon Amarth on the tour, stopping at the following venues:

October 27th - Manchester MEN Arena

October 28th - Birmingham NEC

October 30th - Hammersmith Apollo

October 31st - Hammersmith Apollo

November 2nd - Cardiff International Arena

November 3rd - Glasgow SECC