Slash Unleashes New Ltd. Ed. Signed Axe

Rock Lord Slash has revealed plans to feed 2,000 signed Limited Edition axes into the market... Slash Les Paul Goldtop.jpg

The unique run of Epiphone Goldtop Les Pauls will be hand-signed by His Royal Rockness and limited to only 2,000 guitars worldwide.

Slash´s own personal touches mean the instruments are destined to become collector's items.

The “Slash Custom” neck profile or shape is patterned after Slash´s original Les Paul and his choice of pickups are two Seymour Duncan™ Alnico Pro-II open-coil humbuckers.

As with the original Les Pauls introduced in 1952, the Epiphone Goldtop features the same metallic gold finish on the top with a rich brown finish on the back, sides and neck.

In addition to the guitar, the limited edition package includes a hard case with custom Slash logo and a hand-numbered certificate of authenticity hand-signed by Slash himself.

If you want not only a serious instrument that´s worthy of Slash´s endorsement but also a collectible package that´s sure to increase in value over time, the new Epiphone Slash Les Paul Classic Goldtop is for you!

Says Slash: "My new Epiphone signature model is a great playing, sounding and looking guitar. For the money it's one of the best guitars you can buy."

The axes will hit the market on 1st October and cost in the region of £770.