Satriani's Lawyers Dog Coldplay

Joe Satriani's

lawyers are planning to follow


around until the band accepts a writ for ripping off one of his songs...

Satch's legal team even intends to dog Chris Martin and Co at this Sunday's Grammy Awards. And in an even greater gesture of defiance they even plan to film the whole thing!

As previously reported in TG, you may remember Satch claiming in December that Coldplay had copied the melody from his instrumental anthem 'If I Could Fly' on their 2008 single 'Viva La Vida'. Coldplay have strenuously denied this, claiming any similarities between the two tracks are purely coincidental.

Satch obviously isn't taking this lying down, and has instructed his lawyer Howard King to hire a team to "dog the band everywhere they go" in order to personally serve them legal papers demanding they answer for what they've done.

It's like when as a child you used to poke your younger brother or sister repeatedly in the shoulder until they admitted you were the greatest.

"We have warned their British lawyers that we have hired a fleet of process servers lined up to dog the band everywhere they go this weekend in the hope of serving them," said King.

Coldplay drummer Will Champion recently spoke about the situation, saying the band found it "annoying".

Who do YOU think is in the right...