Rock's Most Punchable Face?

We are feeling particularly cynical at TG Towers today. So we would like to start an informed debate as to whom we should award the most coveted title of Rock's Most Punchable Face.

Do you shiver with pleasure as you imagine a meaty fist smashing into Pete Doherty's sweaty, round noggin?

Have you twinged with delight as you picture Pete Wentz's teeth crumbling under the pounding of a hammy left hook?

Would you melt with relief at the thought of somebody finally pulping Jarvis Cocker's stupid glasses into his eyes?

We have. And our list is as follows. Add your own at the bottom. If we get enough response perhaps we could sell this to The Sun and put the proceeds towards hiring Zakk Wylde to sort them out?

1. Pete Doherty

2. Pete Wentz

3. Fred Durst

4. Johnny Borrell (who our reviews ed Jonathan believes should be No.1)

5. Jarvis Cocker

6. Any of the Lostprophets

7. Bono

8. Chris Martin

9. Scott Stapp

10. Ville Valo