Randy Rhoads Gets Own Signature Amp

Fancy cranking up one of these bad boys and blasting out Mr. Crowley with that classic 80s tone?


Take a look at Marshall's new Randy Rhoads 1959RR Signature Amp, a head amp in white that will give you the tone that made Randy a guitar legend.

A modern tribute to an iconic figure, the amp is styled on Randy´s own rig and features 100 watts power output, 3 ECC83 preamp and 4 EL34 power amp tubes, 3-band EQ, cascade mod, presence, volume I and volume II controls and 2 stereo inputs.

Marshall have also released a matching cabinet - the 1960AWEG Angled 4 x 12 speaker cabinet in matching white finish that together create the ultimate half-stack.

Nevada Music is offering the 1959RR amp head and 1960AWEG cab as a half-stack for £1,559...