Pink Floyd To Reform?

Pink Floyd´s drummer Nick Mason has hinted that the band could reform once again following their show at Live 8 in 2005.

Mason said that the band´s appearance at the awareness raising event in Hyde Park two years ago “showed that the door can be opened”.

“If there was a suitable reason or things change a bit in the next year or two and everybody suddenly thinks, 'Well, actually, I really would like to do that' then I think it'll happen,” he said.

“But until there's that sort of sea-change, the only thing that would generate it would be something the equivalent of Live 8."

Mason also told XFM that the band were close to reforming for a Syd Barrett tribute concert at the Barbican last year but other commitments prevented it from happening.

"That was slightly unfortunate in so much as that we would have played together if we'd made a proper plan...but by then Roger [Waters] was on at Earls Court the next day and so he'd arranged to go on early [at the tribute gig] and Dave [Gilmour] couldn't get [to the Barbican] till everything conspired against us but it wasn't a case of 'We're not going to play together,'" Mason explained.