Paul Gilbert To Reunite Racer X?

Paul Gilbert

has revealed to TG that he would love to reunite his 80s heavy metal band

Racer X

and record a new album.

Speaking to Alter Bridge guitarist Mark Tremonti for our next cover feature, shredmeister Paul says "the biggest challenge" to such a reunion would be having to write heavy metal lyrics!

The full interview, between two of today's most respected axe artists, will appear in Total Guitar Issue 180, on sale 10th September.

"I really love the band - Racer X formed when I was about 18 years old, and it was my first successful band," said Paul. "We went through a lot together. We went through the starving times!"

Gilbert achieved notoriety as a neoclassical player with the release of Racer X's debut album Street Lethal in 1986. The band split in 1989 but reformed 10 years later. Their last album was 2002's Getting Heavier.

Racer X (Paul Gilbert 2nd from right)

Asked whether a reunion would feature the band's original line-up Paul told Mark: "A big part of the Racer X sound was the harmonies that Bruce [Bouillet, guitarist] and I did. It would be awesome to have him play again. When Racer X reformed in the late-´90s, we did about three new albums, and those were without Bruce. He didn´t want to do it at that time, but I think now he might..."

On having to pen heavy metal lyrics, Paul said: "It´s 2008 now - what do you write? Almost any heavy metal lyrics you write now immediately feels like Spinal Tap!"