Old Car Inspires Awesome Guitar!

Inspiration can strike when you least expect it. That's precisely what happened when a trip to his local motor mechanic inspired LA-based guitar luthier James Trussart to add a new finish option to his famous Steelcaster guitar range.

James takes up the story... "I was driving my '65 Ford Thunderbird in my Echo Park neighborhood in Los Angeles, when I noticed an old rusty seafoam green station wagon parked one block away from my mechanic's place. A place that I have to visit a bit too often! Anyway, I took a photo of that perfectly weathered station wagon. I was already dreaming about how cool my Steelcaster guitars would look in a distressed green finish."

Inspired, James didn't waste any time making his dream a reality: "I immediately drove over to see Larry Reshes at Colortone, my favorite car paint supplier, and he prepared the paint for me. The next day we started working on the guitars. When they were finished I put them all in my trunk and set off to find that old station wagon. I wanted to compare the colour of the car with the finish on my guitars, and take a few photos, but the station wagon was gone. I was about to drive back home when I spotted the car parked a little further on up the road, someone had moved it to avoid parking tickets, so I took the opportunity to snap some photos to illustrate my original inspiration."

Sea foam green is now available for customers to order as a finish option. James Trussart guitars are distributed in the UK by Black i Distribution.

For more information contact Mark Breingan on 01236 861261 or visit Black i online