New Book Charts Bloody Reign Of Slayer...

TG scribe Joel McIver's new book charting the rise and rise of metal legends Slayer is complete and is set for a summer release!

The 400-page opus is entitled 'The Bloody Reign Of Slayer', and hits stores on 9th June, the definitive guide to the band that has extended the boundaries of thrash metal and influenced countless extreme metal bands.

The book also explores how the Grammy-winning band weathered storms of controversy over their lyrics and image, from the early club dates with Venom to their tours with Slipknot in 2006 and Marilyn Manson in 2007.

Joel regularly writes for TG and is an expert on the international metal scene. He also wrote the critically acclaimed biography 'Justice For All: The Truth About Metallica' (also published by Omnibus Press).

Joel and Kerry King

'The Bloody Reign Of Slayer' hardcover is released on 9th June, printed by Omnibus Press. Price £19.95, ISBN 978.1.84772.109.9

See Joel's website for more information