NAMM 2011: Budda MN-100 leather-bound amp!


Budda mn 100 mark nason leather amp front

Budda mn-100 mark nason leather amp front

In what will surely prove to be one of the most unlikely announcements of NAMM 2011, Budda Amplification has teamed up with shoe designer Mark Nason to unveil the Budda MN-100 and MN-412 - a new head and cab covered in Italian leather.

The three-channel 120-watt amp head has a wallet-boggling RRP of $4,999 (about £3,155) while a single MN-412 leather-bound cabinet has a similarly astonishing $2,999 (about £1,892) price tag.

Budda mn 100 mark nason leather amp back

Budda mn-100 mark nason leather amp back

Budda is claiming that the MN-100 is "the best amplifier money can buy", stating:

"No stranger to the rock 'n' roll lifestyle, Mark Nason's signature couture creations stride easily from Sunset Strip to centre stage on the Budda MN-100 and MN-412."

Budda mn 412 mark nason leather cab

Budda mn-412 mark nason leather cab

It certainly looks the part and we can just see the MN-100 resting in the corner of an exclusive LA studio, which is almost certainly the kind of high-end purpose it was designed for.

That said, TG thinks it's already enough hassle to maintain an amp without worrying about whether we've used the right colour shoe polish on it…

Keep checking the TG site for more NAMM 2011 guitar news and for more details of the Budda MN-100 head to the Budda website.