Muse Mess Around On Boats

Muse have revealed bizarre plans to tour the Mediterranean coast next year with a series of gigs off the back of boats.

The Devon prog-rock trio say they´re planning the impromptu gigs for the summer of 2008.

Drummer Dom Howard told the Daily Star: "We've talked about a tour of the Mediterranean coast and doing gigs from a boat.

"We see ourselves rocking up to a port in a nice town, opening the back of the boat and doing the gig. Then closing it up and going off to the next town - touring by sea."

Howard says that the band love playing live and experimenting with what they can get away with.

He added: "I'm a stadiums man at heart, the summer shows were amazing. We always go for that big, over-the-top show because it's what we want to see when we go to see a band.

"We love playing live, it's an open arena to do whatever we like and to let our imaginations go wild."