Lost Hendrix Album, Er, Found!

First there was the sex tape, now it appeards a lost album axe legend Jimi Hendrix recorded with rocker Stephen Stills has been discovered more than 30 years after it was recorded!

Stills recently found the recording among a stack of material he taped during the 1970s, and his Crosby, Stills And Nash bandmate Graham Nash is helping him prepare it for release.

Said Nash: "[Stills] has an enormous history of recording. In the '70s, he was a recording fool. He just found a bloody album he made with Hendrix! I want to listen to every track he ever recorded in case he recorded with Al Jolson."

Hendrix's solo work in progress at the time of his death has previously been issued as the album First Rays Of The New Rising Sun, but the news of extensive recordings with Stills is a revelation.

Stills' 1970 self-titled debut album did feature Hendrix on one track, Old Times Good Times, but now it seems that there is an album's worth of material. Stills' album also featured Eric Clapton, but it's not known whether there is attack featuring all three guitarists - Clapton has never claimed he recorded with Hendrix, even though the two were friends...

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