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Less than 48 hours to vote for the Best Riff Of The Decade!

(Image credit: Tim McGuire/Corbis)

If you haven't gotten your backside in gear and given us your selection for the Best Riff Of The Decade yet, then you need to get a move on as we're closing the poll at midnight this Friday (13 August)!

That means that you've got less than two days to stick in your two pence (or cents, depending on geography) and help us decide on a new set of classic riffs for the 21st Century. We're not denying your 'Stairway...', we just want to add some more riffs to the canon and give the post-2000 licks a fair crack at the limelight.

To give us your choice of riff just head to our Best Riffs Of The Decade entry page and fill in the boxes.

In the meantime, here are a couple of ideas to help you get your riff-hats on…