Learn To Play Like Youtube Sensation Zack Kim!

Korean guitarist Zack Kim has become a Youtube sensation thanks to his incredible two handed tapping technique playing two guitars at the same time.

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In our latest issue (TG192, on sale 12 August) we take a look at how you can increase your online profile like Zack and many others in our Stars Of Youtube feature.

Alongside Zack, we have interviews with British virtuoso Guthrie Govan and American fingerstylist Andy McKee, both of whom have racked up tens of millions of hits thanks to their unique playing styles.

Here's our interview with Zack, and scroll down to the bottom for some exclusive Play In The Style Of... tab in which we show you how you can play like this amazing young axe star!

Hi Zack, how would you describe your playing style?

“Touch style or free hand tapping.”

Who are your main influences?

Slash, Paul Gilbert, John Mayer, Bumblefoot, Stanley Jordan... I used to listen to my sister play piano and always admired her ability to perform both the melody and rhythm separately with each hand.”

How often do you practice?

“Since I am in the army I don't get to practice much. I used to practice three to five hours a day.”

Do you have a formal music education?

“I´m self taught, but am planning to enrol into a music college after my service is over in December.”

How could someone learn to play in your style?

“The best way is to start practicing hammer-ons in the chromatic scale. For example, the left hand plays 5, 6, 7, 8 on the E string while the right hand plays 9, 10, 11, 12 on the A string.
Once you have enough strength to produce some sound, you can start playing songs with simple bass line.”

How did Youtube change your musical career?

“In so many ways. The main reason I even get to touch my guitar in the army is because I made an appearance on TV while I was serving, and if it was not for Youtube they would have not contacted me. It has helped me to keep playing.”

How can TG readers increase the amount of hits they get on Youtube?

“The best way is to perform already popular or current hit songs. Trying new things does not hurt either. I haven´t made any sales through the internet but I have posted up some ads which helps me earn around 50 dollars a month.”

Where can people go to buy/download your music?

“I recorded a demo two years ago and you can download it from my website. I am still in the stage of improving so I don't know about an album as of yet, but it sounds exciting!”

CLICK HERE for our exclusive Play In The Style Of Zack Kim tab.