Is The New Gibson Eye Guitar The Ugliest Axe Ever?


latest limited edition guitar, the

Gibson Eye

, has axe enthusiasts rubbing their, er, eyes in disbelief... EYE Guitar.jpg

Guitarists are divided over its unique design, which features a swooping handlebar pickguard and Fire Engine Red lacquer finish, debating whether it is design perfection or the ugliest guitar ever.

Whatever, at a cost of £1,299 and with production limited to just 350 instruments, the Gibson Eye is sure to become a highly collectible item.

The Eye features a mahogany body and neck and is similar in looks to the Gibson SG but with its horns lengthened. The hard-rockin' pickups are a 490R at the neck and a 498T at the bridge and coated in red, making it one of the most eye-ctaching axes Gibson has ever produced.

When we revealed the axe via our Twitter page yesterday we got some hilarious responses...

One Tweeter said: "That Gibson is hideous. It's like an accident between Derek Smalls and a 'Solero'!", while another balked: "Yuk! Looks like a bastard SG with a white waistcoat!"

Personally, we kinda like it... what do you think?