Guitarist Presents: An Evening With Dave Kilminster & Guthrie Govan

Total Guitar's sister publication Guitarist will present a night of jubbly guitar music at PMT, Birmingham on Thursday 10 December. I, for one, will be there. Try and stop me! Check out that line-up! Guthrie Govan blows me away whenever I see him play live. I honestly think he's the best guitarist we have in this country.

I've never seen Dave Kilminster play, except on telly with Pink Floyd's Roger Waters. I seem to remember him blazing through the solo for Comfortably Numb. He has a great reputation and I'm sure he'll live up to it on the night.

One act I can vouch for personally is Deluxe-o-Matic, comprised of Guitarist's Mick Taylor, Guitar Techniques' Neville Marten and bass legend Roger Newell. They serve up a smorgasbord of guitar hits, layered with vocal harmonies. A real treat, they are.

I'm also keen to see acoustic wiz Stuart Ryan playing in the flesh, as his

YouTube clips

suggest his status as one of the best fingerpickers around is merited.

It would be good to see some TG readers in attendance. As ever, feel free to come grab me for a chat if you spot me on the night! Hopefully see you there…