Gibson Releases Billy Gibbons Pearly Gates Custom Guitar!

Here's your chance to own your very own Billy Gibbons 'Pearly Gates' Les Paul axe...

Gibson Guitars are releasing a limited run of Les Paul Standards based on the ZZ Top guitarist's legendary 1959 model.

Billy claims his own rare Standard has legendary angelic qualities and has used it on every track of every ZZ Top album to date.

Gibson have recreated it in excruciating detail - right down to the last scratch and ding - and there are three different models. 250 will receive Gibson Custom´s patented V.O.S. finish, 50 will be aged to look exactly like the original Pearly Gates, and another 50 will aged and personally signed and played by Gibbons himself.

Sneak a look at the model HERE. But don't get too excited; unless you've got at least $11,176 in the bank (which is what the cheapest model costs) you won't be able to afford one!