Fun-Time Fridays: The Top 5 Most Controversial Top 5 Lists

On Fridays, we usually like to take a break from the

important work of updating the TG website with pictures of

guitar freakery


random YouTube videos

and the occasional

news story

and kick back with some

pictures of guitar freakery, random YouTube videos and the occasional news


Today, however, is different. Today, we awoke with a new
sense of purpose. Today, we decided on the Top 5 Most Controversial Top 5 Lists...

Obviously, so we don´t get fired, this is music-related.


The Top 5 Music Websites on

This list is controversial for three reasons. 1) TG has
never heard of two of the sites on the list, and we spend all day browsing
music websites. 2) TG is not on this
list. 3) There are only FOUR items in this top five. If your website is going to specialise in Top 5s, it should probably understand the basic idea behind the concept.


The Top 5 [of the Top 100] Guitarists of All Time on

Yeah, it´s Rolling Stone and they used to know about good
music, before they started putting Britney Spears on the cover of every other
issue, but usually guitarists can´t agree who´s the best in the room, let alone everyone that´s ever
played… ever!


The Top 5 Guitar Riffs on

Our web-based brethren took their lives in their hands when they
compiled the Top 50 Guitar Riffs OF ALL TIME. A bold and noble quest, they
wisely skirted culpability by putting it to the public vote, so if you don´t
agree, it´s your own fault.


The Top 5 Guitar Most Memorable Guitar Intro Riffs on

When the guys over at the Gibson guitar blog put together
this list of the Top 5 Guitar Intros on a lazy Wednesday, they probably didn´t
realise that it would spark a commenting frenzy (15 counts as a frenzy, right?)
on TG´s social network sites, not to mention the VERY LIST YOU´RE READING.


The Top 5 Guitar Solos on

“ ‘Killer Queen´ as third best guitar solo ever? Nah mate.”
While there are some very interesting additions in their broader Top 20 list
(kudos for the Mick Ronson nod - he´s chronically underrated), Q´s Top 5 Guitar
Solos contains some odd choices. Still, solos seem to provide more cause for
disagreement than any other element of guitar-play. They´re so subjective that
it´s impossible to agree on any definitive list…

Unless someday TG decides to do another one, in which case all of
the above will be discounted and ours will be the best one.

Matthew Parker

Matt is a freelance journalist who has spent the last decade interviewing musicians for the likes of Total Guitar, Guitarist, Guitar World, MusicRadar,, DJ Mag and Electronic Sound. In 2020, he launched, which aims to share the ideas that make creative lifestyles more sustainable. He plays guitar, but should not be allowed near your delay pedals.