Free Track Fridays: The Week’s Best Free MP3 Downloads

Some require email sign-ups, some your first-born, but they´re all free and they´ve all got guitars in. Maybe you´ll find something you like…

If You Only Pick One…

Japandroids - Art Czars

The kind of anti-elitist indie-punk anthem that you´ve always wanted to write, but never quite had the words for. Big chords and sing-a-longs, but not predictable

Get The Rest...

Sick Of It All - Take The Night Off (Right click to download)

The NY hardcore legends' new album, 'Based On A True Story', is out in April, but this free track comes from their previous effort ‘Death To Tyrants´. Hopefully it will remind you of their riff-heavy metallic goodness.

New Pornographers - Your Hands (Together) (Right click to download)

A powerful classic rock-style cut from the legendary Canadian indie pop group´s forthcoming album, ‘Together´.

Tiffany Page - Roam (Right click to download)

Bits of Garbage, Hole and 90s guitar-pop are all at work here. Cool roughed-up vocals and a decent guitarist to boot.

Boe Weaver - I´m Finished

A garage-rock, guitar-based instrumental in the vein of The Ventures, but - as with all things Boe Weaver - it´s got a warped edge.

Sunderbans - Roadkill

Bloc Party-esque lo-fi, mournful indie pop. A great example of how to make the most of a three-piece.

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