FREE Download Of New Alice In Chains Track 'A Looking In View'!

Grunge survivors Alice In Chains are giving away a track from their upcoming album absolutely free!

CLICK HERE for your free version of 'A Looking In View', the first single to be taken from 'Black Gives Way To Blue,' the band's first album in 14 years which is released on September 28th.

A video for the song will be unveiled on the band´s site on 7 July - a 30 second trailer is already available there.

“The song basically speaks to any number of things that keep you balled up inside," says guitarist Jerry Cantrell. "A cell of our own making with an unlocked door that we choose to remain in. Focusing our attention inward instead of reaching out to a much larger world. I think this is common to us all. It´s funny how hard we fight to hang on to a bone we can´t pull through a hole in the fence, or how difficult it is to put down the bag of bricks and move on.”