Disturbed Vs Dillinger: Round One!

Disturbed axeman Dan Donegan has hit back at Dillinger Escape Plan counterpart Ben Weinman for branding his band as posers...

In an interview with Australia's Beat magazine, Weinman said he was taken aback by what he witnessed at one of Disturbed's soundchecks. "[They were] practicing where they were going to walk and when they were going to put their leg up on the monitor and pose," Weinman said. "That was weird for us. There are times [during live gigs] where I don't even know where I am."

Donegan's response was thus: "I never even remember meeting these guys, and I think we know anybody that's even in the room during our soundchecks, so that's shocking to me, because I would think that we would have met them if they were standing there during our soundcheck!"

He justify practising where to stand on stage - "When we do a bigger production, there may be certain lighting cues for certain highlights of the show, but I wouldn't call it 'posing,' just a cue for our lighting guy. If Dillinger sold some records, and were at the level we're at, maybe they'd see that. If that's supposed to be a jab at us, am I offended? I don't give a shit. It sounds more like jealousy to me."