Cream's Jack Bruce: "Jimmy Page Is A Crap Guitarist"

Cream bassist Jack Bruce launched an amazing attack on Led Zeppelin at last night's Classic Rock Awards, calling Jimmy Page a crap guitarist.

Bruce was at the awards to collect the Classic Album gong for Cream´s
Disraeli Gears, but at the after show party he spoke to Classic Rock's Dave Ling and launched into an anti-Led Zeppelin tirade!

When asked about whether there would be a Cream reunion in the vein of Led Zeppelin's last year, the bassist said Cream were "ten times the band that Led Zeppelin is."

"Everybody talks about Led Zeppelin, and they played one fucking lame gig - while Cream did weeks of gigs - proper gigs.

"Fuck off, Zeppelin, you´re crap! You´ve always been crap and you´ll never be anything else."

He went on: "What? You´re gonna compare Eric Clapton with that fucking Jimmy Page? Would you really compare that? Eric´s good and Jimmy´s crap. And with that I rest my case."