Check out Pat Metheny's Picasso Guitar...

Take a peek - if you can bare it - at this mentalist custom 'Picasso' guitar belonging to

Pat Metheny


The next time you're fretting (no pun intended) about tuning up under pressure, take a moment to think about the poor guitar tech that has to sort out this elephant man of the instrument world. Unfortunately we cannot host the image ourselves (due to rights issues, but frankly, would you want it on your site?), however,

you can see it here


Yes, it's probably the ugliest acoustic you've ever seen, but this is what happens when mad scientists and luthiers start messing with the DNA of things. This monstrosity is the play-thing of jazz guitar wizard Pat Metheny, who is no longer satisfied with playing anything less than five instruments at once.

Our sources (thanks Kit!) tell us that it's known as the 'Picasso' guitar, not only because of its bizarre looks, but also because the artist is meant to have left his own mark on the instrument in the form of a signature and a doodle. That still doesn't mean we shouldn't burn it...

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